Delicious and full of flavour our Arancini are
golden balls of cooked rice happiness freshly
prepared by us each day.

Try them now, we guarantee once you've tasted
them you'll keep coming back for more.


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Freshly Baked Traditional Pies

Where we sell our Pies

You can come along and buy our pies & arancini at the following locations

Cheshire Pie Co,


Every Thursday and Saturday

Nantwich Indoor

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Affinity Freeport Talke



Spring onward, Wednesday & Saturday

Colwyn Bay



Spring onward, Wednesday & Saturday

Llandudno Pier

Spring onward

Markets for this year

First Saturday in the month: Rode Hall Farmers Market , Rode Heath

Whichurch Makers Market

Cheadle Makers Market, Cheadle, Stockport

First Sunday in the month: Knutsford Makers Market

Second Saturday in the month: Stockport Makers market

Northwich Artisan 

Second Sunday in the month: Warrington Makers Market

Third Saturday in the month: Chorlton Makers Market

Fourth Saturday in the month: Uttoxeter Makers Market

Fourth Sunday in the month: Treacle Market Macclesfield

Last Saturday in the month: Congleton Makers Market

Last Sunday: West Didsbury Makers Market

Last Weekend in the month: The Lowry Manchester Makers Market